Our Rooms

Saddleworth Stars Nursery

Our superior nursery facility provides the highest levels of security throughout, giving parents complete peace of mind as to the safety of their precious children.

Each room has CCTV which is controlled and monitored by the Nursery Manager on an ongoing basis.

We understand that children need constant stimulation and to achieve this, all our children have access to a wonderful array of vibrant, exciting rooms and areas, with a wealth of resources and fun stuff to do!

Saddleworth Stars Nursery Building


little stars 3 months to two years

3 Months to 2 Years

The baby and toddler rooms are large bright, vibrant and fun spaces – where staff and children make use of the much loved sensory toys, play and home corner.

These spacious (but cosy!) rooms include various areas designed specifically to encourage and nurture your child’s needs and development – a safe crawl area, a quiet/sleep area, a messy play area and an activity area.

Regular and planned activities, sand and water play of all descriptions, art projects, construction equipment, dressing up, music and dance are combined to provide a fun and stimulating (and quite often messy!) day.

The rich and varied daily activities are taken from the imagination, minds and specific interests of the children.


big stars 2 to 3 years

2-3 Years

Our Big Stars room is designed specifically to support the learning which your child will do during the important years before school, and to help your child gain confidence and self-assurance.

Each individual child is encouraged to progress at their own pace using the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have a wealth of resources including investigation, exploration, construction, numeracy, a new reading corner, sand and water areas, mark-making, dress-up, and lots more as we encourage a balance between child-initiated play and adult-led learning.

The highly skilled members of staff in this room provide daily inspiring activities for arts, crafts, creativity and story telling.


super stars 3 to 5 years

3-5 Years

The first floor of our building is our dedicated Pre-School. These bright rooms are used by our children aged 3 and over for a wide variety of educational topics. We are proud to offer all of the provisions (and more!) that a pre-school child requires in a vibrant and engaging setting.

The pre-school day is just a little more structured with a balance between child-led play and innovative planned keyperson activities. Every fun activity is a learning opportunity. Our enthusiastic and animated team are here to provide a safe,fun, educational and nurturing environment for your child. Educational programmes including phonics (literacy) and numeracy are promoted in all areas of the rooms with the highly innovative use of technology and other resources.

We understand that every child is unique and we tailor our activities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, to give each child the individual attention that they deserve.
Our private pre-school is exclusively designed to give your child the best possible start.



All Children !

Outdoor activities play a vital part of every childs development which is why they are incorporated into our daily activities for all children at Saddleworth Stars.

We have developed several different outdoor areas for the children to use: an enclosed courtyard with sheltered pergola, a garden play area with plenty of trees and a ‘willow dome’ living structure, a vegetable/fruit planting garden and we are proud to be the only nursery in Saddleworth and Oldham with such extensive outdoor facilities including our own large private field !

Our wonderful staff make full use of all our outdoor areas with fun and exciting activities in all weathers. A wealth of resources are available which enables a ‘mirroring’ of our indoor areas in an outside setting.